Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu

                             Lunch Special $8.95

                    ( Served with Steamed Rice, Fried Rice, or Brown Rice,

                      except Vegetable Chow Main & Vegetable Fried Rice.)                

                          ( Available Tues. Wed. Thu. & Fri. 11:30- 2:30)


* Lotus Delight

* Hunan Tempeh

* Hunan Tofu

* Kung Bao Tofu

* Kung Bao Brown Slices

* Kung Bao Tempeh

* Twice Cooked Soy Slices

* Soy Strip With Hot Sauce

* Dry Sauteed String Bean

* Eggplant With Special Sauce

* Sichuan Brown Slices

* Sichuan Tofu

* Ma Po Tofu

* Curry Tofu (G.F)

   Tofu with Ginger Sauce

   Tofu with Vegetables

   Broccoli with Brown Slices

   Tempeh with Ginger Sauce

   Vegetable Deluxe (G.F)

   Long Life Vegetables (G.F)

   Sweet & Sour Tofu (G.F)

   Sweet& Sour Nugget

   Vegetable Chow Main

   Vegetable Fried Rice

                                 * Hot & Spicy